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A short proof of concept test

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A very short proof of concept test using my Silhouette Cameo (yes, I know it sounds like a prophylactic).

The machine is a really lovely, relatively complicated yet quite accessible machine about the size of a large printer, which can transfer illustrator lines into cutting paths and also print and cut to a really satisfying degree of accuracy.

I've managed to develop a relatively simple workflow from Photoshop (hand drawn animation) via After Effects (to create 'sprite sheets' with alpha channels, back through Photoshop (to get path outlines, then via Illustrator to convert the outlines to an SVG and then finally into the (very obtuse) Silhouette Studio operating programme.

A satisfying method which produced a satisfying result. I have thoughts of the next step but have slightly parked the process in my sketchbook.


Short Proof of Concept Test

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