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An art piece submitted for the Endnotes Exhibition in Oxford

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This wasn't really a film but part of an installation commissioned by Metron (Diane Jones-Parry and Annabel Raplhs) for the Endnotes Exhibition in the O3 gallery in Oxford.

It was a group exhibition and all the artists came from a variety of disciplines but were unified in being given a 'random' wrapped up book taken from the out-going stock of the Oxford Library.


We had around five months to create a piece exploring whatever themes we wanted and the result was fantastic, from very considered beautiful photography to gorgeous mono-prints, films, audio installations, performance pieces and much more.


For my piece I received 'The Great Movie Stars - the International Years' by David Shipman and found myself wanting to explore the differences and similarities of books and film, pages and frames.


I turned the book itself (of 645 pages) into a thirteen second flipbook documenting the journey between the shelf where the book originated and the gallery where the exhibition took place.


It was (is) rather impossible to 'flip' so I scanned each page and presented it on a portable dvd player which was just next to the book.

We all felt very proud to be part of the exhibition.



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