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An installation zoetrope

Production Details



Production Company

Nexus Productions (Beccy McCray/Elaine Blyth)




Gordon Allen, Gee Stoughton who built the entire thing



A 'proper' Zoetrope I made for a dance-music chap. It is viewed live with strips of 10-frames-per-second LED strobes embedded into the housing. The housing also acted as its transport case.

It is a 2m x 2m disc with rapid prototyped 3D models and lazer-cut wooden buildings. All put together by Gordon Allen and Gee Staughton in their workshop in south London. Michael Karliner created the system for the strobes.

Bit of a tumultuous birthing but we are all very proud of it. I'm not sure it was ever shown publicly except for an event in Los Angeles. Shame really as it is extraordinarily impressive.

The nicest reaction out of anyone we made it for was the photographer who came down to take photos of it for the record label. I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

There is footage of the structure from the launch night in 2015 which can be found by searching for SBTRKTOSCOPE on the internet as well as a bit of publicity from the event. [edit - it's below!]

I shall see if I can put an edit of the first tests of the structure online at some point.


Large Zoetrope

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