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A series of very low budget films for viral campaign for Domino's.

The teaser for episode 1 is directly below but all other episodes and teaser are at the bottom of the page.

Production Details



James Rawlings

Production Company




Simon Maunder (DOP)

James Rawlings, Justin Edwards, Barunka O'Shaughnessy (voice)

James Rawlings (writer)

Michael Beddoes (Producer)

Wiley Vreeland, Sarah Gilbraith (Production help/model making)


Massive thanks to Phillip and Birgit from The Spice Shop in Portobello for their help in casting too.



A satisfyingly low budget, ridiculously short schedule, a crazy ambition and some drive.

James (Rawlings) was approached by Domino's asking whether they could come up with a viral campaign, their previous one having been dropped at the last minute.


James' idea was to write a short format comedy narrative parodying the Mexican Tele Novela genre, specifically Cuna De Lobos (you MUST watch it) using my Finger Theatre technique to promote three new pizzas of their new Mexicano Range.


They had to be QUICK turnaround, have interactive elements with behind the scenes footage and an app involving a moon on a stick.


What they got were three extremely fun and enjoyable films which had branched endings and an entire facebook campaign with a cut out and keep activity pack and a series of Top Trumps Collectable cards (see below after the films).


Oh and 14 minutes of full on narrative character driven familial epoch wrenching drama in Fingervision.


Written and Produced by James Rawlings and produced by the magestically calm and cool Michael Beddoes.

Make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy (and those eagle-eyed of you can spot a hidden code in each of the episodes and win a prize*)...

Domino's - Los Passiones de la Familia Veduras


Episode 1 - Full show

Episode 2 - Teaser

Episode 2 - Full show

Episode 3 - Teaser

Episode 3 - Full show

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