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An animated interstitial segment for a BBC pilot based on a 1970s animation company in Soho, London

Production Details


Feelgood Fiction/BBC

Ed Talfan/Squint Films

Production Company




Sheridan Smith (voice)



Warning - rather rude.

Written by ANDREW MACKINTOSH & JULIUS NICHOLSON and produced by Feelgood Fiction, this was an animated element for a live action comedy set around the antics of a 1970s animation studio in London.


This was used in the read-through, part of the commissioning process with BBC3 and constituted a dream sequence halfway through the episode.

The actors in the read through were superb including a pre-Dr Who Matt Smith, Sheridan Smith and Christopher Biggins of all people!

I simply cannot understand the commissioning process though.


It was a really innovative, very funny, very well acted show with some great characters and a brilliantly unique concept and setting. Needless to say it didn't get commissioned.


Typically the main point of criticism was that it needed to be updated and more contemporary.


So a show set around the 70s advertising world wont work will it?

Of course not.

Don't be silly.

Here is the animatic if it is of interest.

Masters of the Tooniverse

BBC Comedy pitch

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