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Commercial for Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles

Production Details



Nexus Productions (Luke Youngman)

Production Company




Weles Bussett, Dom Griffiths, Karl (animation)



The first of three scripts for a Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles campaign which were superb but *never* got aired (!), can you believe it?!

All three scripts were beautifully written and paced - the second had a sweet little bird desperately trying to out-flap death by a jumbo jet engine whilst trying to convince a man in an airplane (with Fruit Pastille in mouth) to match her in resolve and the third had a spider holding on to a carpet for dear life while being sucked up by a hoover in a doctor's waiting room trying to convince an old lady not to suck.

If you want to see how utterly brilliant Dominic Griffiths is at the beautiful world of animation (and you haven't seen his dancing Ian Botham in the Beefy and Lamby adverts he did for me) then simply watch the cat throughout this.

(oh and Karl and Weles were pretty awesome too!!).

Ahhh, memories.

Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles - Mouse


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