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The Science Museum commission from off the back of the ICTomorrow funding (see Frames)

Production Details


Self initiated/Science Museum

Nexus Productions (Joana Flor/Luis De Jorge)

Production Company




Pedro Souza (Arduino/Unity/emotional support)

Dominik Koller, Dimitris then took up Pedro's role and was as awesome.



This was an iteration of the 'Frames' game prototype I created in 2014.

The people at the Science Museum caught wind of it and had a gap in an exhibition they were putting together called 'Engineering Your Future'. The exhibition was intended to promote Engineering as a career choice for teenagers.

It was a lot of fun and I felt very honoured to have an installation there. It was there until Christmas 2017 although someone said it was still there a year later so maybe go check it out if you are near?.

We won the 2015 Lovie Gold Award for Best Integrated Mobile Experience which doesn't sound that exciting but it was.


Interactive idea

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