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Short animated film for MTV for their 'Sharts' series

Production Details



Nexus Productions

Production Company




James Rawlings (voice/writing)



A series of short films for MTV under their banner 'MTV Sharts'.

'Sharts' was the unfortunate name to symbolise the cool fusion of Short Art Films but unfortunately semantically brings to mind something a bit more scatalogical in my opinion.

Still... it was the first time that two new techniques of mine were properly shuffled together into a broadcast form, namely the Phonotrope and the puppet technique that eventually became the heart of Finger Theatre.


These are the 'Auditions' ones. The Phonotrope one is here.

For all three films I had wonderful help from Tom Raybould, who did the music for 'Turntable', and James Rawlings, who wrote and voiced the 'D12' one and voiced the 'Drummer' one.

MTV Sharts - Turntable
Music - Tom Raybould

MTV Sharts - Audition - D12
Written and Voiced James Rawlings

MTV Sharts - Audition - B*Witched
Voiced by James Rawlings

MTV Auditions - D12/B*witched

Short animated films

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