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Three adverts for the new Digital Channel in Wales written and voiced by the man himself, Oliver Postgate

Production Details


BBC Wales

Ed Talfan (Squint Films)

Production Company


Veronon Elliot (original!)


Oliver Postage

Peter Firmin



Three short films commissioned by Phillip Moss from BBC Wales who had a strong relationship with Mr Postgate having made an excellent documentary on Small Films.

Due to the elastic nature of this business I made these stuck down in smelly London and never got to meet him. I also never found out what he thought of how we did them but I am very honoured and proud to have been involved.

The original artwork was scanned in up in Cardiff and then digitally cut out and animated in After Effects all on hold frames - so basically moving things around by hand each frame and not approaching it in a digital way. A delightful moment was after scanning in the cotton wool for the steam and animating it to the toots made me know it was all going to work.

Revisiting the After Effects file recently I'm surprised at how well ordered it all is (screenshot below).

It was a real joy to make these films with such a strict foundational structure as all of Oliver Postgate's stuff is so economic. And Mr Firmin's illustrations are truly beautiful and timeless.


Probably enjoyed the cotton wool the most.


Long may you rest in peace Mr Postgate and long may you rest in peace Mr Firmin.

Ivor the Engine - BBC Wales

Series of adverts

IVOR in After Effects smaller.png
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