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Short proof of concept film

Production Details



Nexus Productions (Claire Cook/Luke Youngman)

Production Company


Library (although I forget who - please do contact me if you know)

Caesar Oge (voice - taken from QuuVee film)



A lovely little pitch for a friend of mine Aaron Stewart who ran a really fantastic recruitment/educational company called QuuVee that gets people from education into jobs.

The brief was to animated documentary recorded voices of people explaining their jobs and how they got there simply to try and see what it would look and feel like.


It looked interesting and charming but in the end the actual interviews themselves served far better a purpose.


The test was done over a couple of days just to show Aaron what it looked like using a very simple block of polystyrene a dowel and some string and the voice track of an existing interviewee.

QuuVee - Pitch

A Proof of Concept Film

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