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An animation method I developed into a series idea

Production Details


BBC/Self initiated

James Rawlings

Production Company


Library/Audio Network


Simon Maunder (DOP)

James Rawlings, Toby Longworth (voice)

James Rawlings (writer)

Lewis Longworth (puppet help)



A series of films made with James Rawlings.


Initially these were self-created films of a slightly more racy nature but were then loosely 'commissioned' by CBBC and thus re-written for a more child friendly audience.


I created the technique to be able to quickly make charming and beautiful films that had the writing and voicing to the fore. The approach flowered with the involvement of James with his writing and voicing (with the glorious Toby Longworth) and general top class comedy heads.


A number of ideas have been built around this namely versions of The Classics for BBC Learning.



Written by James Rawlings 
Directed and animated by Jim Le Fevre (with help from Claire Suzann Taylor)


Produced by Jim Le Fevre and James Rawlings

Voices - Toby Longworth and James Rawlings

Sets and Costumes - the most truly wonderful Lewis (Louise) Longworth and Jim Le Fevre


With thanks to Getty Images.

Finger Theatre Presents - Sherlock Holmes

Short Comedy Films

Episode 2

Episode 3

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