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A navigation film for visitors attending Autostadt, VW's car museum in Wolfsburg, Germany. It's an amazing place if ever you get the chance to go.

Production Details



Nexus Studios

(Melody Sylvester/Nathalie Le Buerre)

Production Company


Brains & Hunch


Ben Cowell Thomas/Mark Davies - Technical leads

So many other people helped create this I can only apologise for not listing them all.



A short film produced for the fabulous Autostadt park in Wolfsburg, Germany, as part of a very enjoyable long running piece of work I made for them between 2008 and 2015.

It's been updated a few times and also since I left Nexus (by the great Sam Southwood) but this is the version that it finally became by 2015.

Melody and I had the most hysterical (sometimes manically hysterical) fun time creating this film for Michaella and the folks at the media arm of Autostadt, a truly amazing 'theme park' in Wolfsburg, Germany, curated by VW.


Welcome film

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