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A series of idents created for Nickelodeon

Production Details



Nexus Productions (Luke Youngman)

Production Company


In house


Diane Chan (arm)



Yet another quick ident using my experiments in 2D drawn animation dropped into 3D Studio Max but this time after playing around with camera tracking (actually the middle one is just After Effects with Diane Chan's arm duplicated a number of times).

It was a lovely little thing a lot of the directors at Nexus had a go at, very quick throw-away 5 second idents - the only rule was obviously you had to have the logo in it. For the sound the creatives just got a whole load of kids into a sound booth, showed them everyone's films and told them to improvise.

Actually, I think the last one in the compilation was just a test I did with footage on the roof top.

Nickelodeon - Idents

Experiments & Idents

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