An interactive idea that was brought to life thanks to Nexus Productions and funding from ICTomorrow.

Production Details


Self initiated

Nexus Productions (Joana Flor)

Production Company




Pedro Souza (Arduino/Unity/emotional support)

Dominik Koller 

Jack Cunningham - illustration

An idea I had for many years in my sketchbook/head which, after a few attempts of trying to get it off the ground, found itself a recipient of a development award from the Technical Services Bureau. More than that was the beauty of Joana Flor appearing after a string of people not quite getting it right who said "Why hasn't this happened yet?" and then Pedro De Souza appearing and essentially making the whole thing actually physically happen.

We won a Silver Lovie Ward in 2014 for Best Experimental & Innovation


Details to follow at some point as it was a great journey


Interactive idea