A series of commercials for Ambi Pur.

Production Details


Ambi Pur/Sara Lee



Production Company

Nexus Productions (Juliette Stern/Nathalie Le Beurre)


Audio Network/Paul Mottram


Ben Cowell-Thomas (lead CG)

Helena Bonham-Carter (voice)


3DS Max, 2D drawn, After Effects (compositing), Photography (set elements)



A short series of very lovely adverts for the chemically evil home fragrance Ambi Pur.

Some of my favourite work was in this. It was the first time I met and worked with Mr Ben Cowell, a thoroughly good person on many levels.

The sets were all made in 3DS Max with as much of the lighting as possible originated from the artworking.

The music is library music from Audio Network by a composer called Paul Mottram. It's funny that I keep hearing it in loads of daytime TV shows and even in the occasional feature film. It's a very popular shorthand for quirky and spooky.

The final VO was by Helena Bonham Carter who wisely noted it had a Tim Burton feel to it. She would know as she is married to him.

Versions below are the 20 second and 10 second variations.

Ambi Pur - The Smellcatcher

Animated commercial