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Iris and Jim's Great Christmas Lockdown Exhibition 2020

About the exhibition

The Great Christmas Lockdown Exhibition 2020


During the half term of Winter term in 2020, Iris and Rebecca, visited the Winter Exhibition at the Royal Academy and returned home with a gift of brush pens for Jim.


Later on, Iris decided to test them out and drew a series of wonderfully detailed pictures of objects she found in the kitchen.


Thinking about what to get everybody for Christmas 2020 it seemed like the perfect opportunity to challenge ourselves in a similar way and create a picture each of more things we found. It was really tricky at times (Amaretti biscuit anyone?) but really enjoyable, none the less.

The pieces were chosen by putting everyone's names into a hat, lots of thought was put into what else to do and the website was put together.

We thought that it might be nice to offer anyone who didn't get a piece the opportunity to so we came up with a few different ways to get hold of them.

Click here for the 'purchase' pop-up.

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