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Jim's Film Resource

Over the past few years I have been cataloguing short films (mostly animation) when and where I've found them, simply because it's a massive pain when I can't remember them. I previously used a great database called iDatabase (which I would heartily recommend), however, recently I've massively got into FileMaker and as such realised I can output it into my site far easier.


This is a personal list, filled in in rushed moments on trains or in tutorials, and as such will invariably have huge errors in them. Director's names may be spelt wrong (even wrongly appropriated!), links may be broken, essential details may be wildly inaccurate. Please feel free to email me if you find mistakes - I'm not promising they will be rectified immediately but it's worth a shot and I would appreciate it - fliptopjim [at] gmail etc.

All of this content should be found freely on the net but if, for some reason, I have included something which was meant to be private (I can sometimes dig for links quite doggedly) then please, please tell me and I will remove it from here (and apologise in advance).

In the meantime I hope this might be of some use if you are looking to discover things

Jim Le Fevre August 2022

"Oz - The Great And Powerful" Title Sequence

Monochrome, old style, zoetrope, praxinioscope, fonts, graphic, Disney, theatre, proof of concept (great!)

3 Wetlands (Trailer)

in situ, water, reflection, clever, circle, expolring a motif, fine art


Great process, rendering, modelling tests

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